Case Study: Attackers try to gain vital information via email scams

The Issue

A business on the Central Coast was receiving a large number of unfiltered emails, of which many were spam – some were obvious but a lot were not.

We found that a lot of these emails were phishing attempts, so they appeared to be legitimate but were actually scammers in disguise.

What We Did

We implemented a cloud-hosted spam filter to combat a large percentage of the spam/phishing attempts.

We ensured all machines and devices were updated to the latest versions.

We made some specific changes to the devices to ensure there was an extra layer or email protection.

We sat down with the staff and trained them on what to look for to spot a phishing attempt.

Finally, we advised the client to call OneCloud if they receive anything that concerns them, and have one of our techs look at the email to determine whether it’s truly legitimate or not.

Note: User training is the most important backed by experts.

The Outcome

The company saw a large reduction of spam emails, meaning they were more efficient as they didn’t have to continually clean up their mailboxes.

Their risk of a staff member accidentally clicking on the wrong link was greatly reduced.

The staff are now very aware of what attributes to look for, they’re able to identify phishing attempts, and they have a process to reach out for help if they’re unsure.

Our client felt at ease knowing we were there to help and they could concentrate on their business rather than trying to fix it themselves.