Case Study:Improving Business Efficiencies with a Cloud-Based Phone System

We improved the efficiency of our client’s operations, and saved them money with a new cloud-based phone system.

The Problem

Our client, Independent Portable Buildings, had an old phone system (PABX) with limited functionality that no longer suited all their needs, and was costing them a lot of money in monthly bills.

The Issues

IPB needed to upgrade to a new phone system. They wanted a new flexible and scalable solution to suit their current business requirements, as well as their future needs. They indicated that they didn’t want to keep anything in-house anymore and wanted a cloud solution. Additionally, they wanted to reduce their monthly bills.

What we did

  • Sat down and went through exactly what IPB wanted to achieve from a feature and cost perspective
  • Completed a comprehensive bill analysis
  • Created a proposal outlining the solution and costs

Once the client was happy with the proposal we built our plan and executed it.


Firstly we provisioned a new NBN connection. Then we provisioned, configured and installed a new OneCloud PBX solution, utilising their current phone numbers and specific configuration requirements.

Our projects team closely managed the migration from start to finish, to ensure the implementation was successfully implemented quickly and efficiently, and without unnecessary downtime.

We not only migrated them across to new technology with all the features they wanted, but were also able to save them money. Needless to say, the client was very happy.